Today I just want to acknowledge how strange, unsettling and scary/exhilarating (all at the same time) it feels to be alive in these times. I am discovering new perspectives on things pretty much every minute, and my entire worldview seems to be performing a slow-motion somersault on many levels. The past two years have been such a wild ride. Actually, I should say the past six or seven years… if not more. 

I recently started re-reading old journal entries – and it occurred to me that I had some major growth going on even BEFORE signing up for the Holosync meditation program that I always credit with transforming my personality into a much more manageable version of itself. I probably wouldn’t have been drawn to such a program if I didn’t already feel a powerful urge to grow and transform. I knew I needed a lot of help with it – but I found the help, and held onto it, and tackled some massive issues head-on… and thanks to that, I am relatively emotionally stable today, despite encountering a nearly constant barrage of information that is highly destabilizing. Scary to think where I would be if I hadn’t done all that growth until now (I would probably be doing it in a highly accelerated fashion, with numerous unpleasant side effects… ;-)). Just wanted to acknowledge that, in the spirit of self-love and appreciation. Thank you, Dear Self, for being there for me. You’re not perfect (yet… ;-D), of course; but now we both know it’s OK. You don’t have to be. Just keep doing your thing, putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time. Don’t worry about climbing the huge mountains in the distance. There is no deadline to reach the other side. If you don’t get there in this lifetime, there will be another (because we live as many lifetimes as it takes to climb those mountains, yes we do). And you are always loved and supported, whether you happen to see that or not. So make an effort to see it. What you focus on, expands. And yes, sometimes darkness needs to be seen and acknowledged, too, even if it makes it look like it’s expanding; it needs to expand so that it can dissipate. Remember that as you dive into one mental/emotional vortex after another. There is always light at the end of the tunnel; in fact, there is no tunnel. It is only the light that is real. Never forget that. You came across this quote many years ago, and it was like a lightning strike. Now it is more relevant than ever, as a new world gives birth to itself all around you. So maintain a quiet state of wonder as you observe, contemplate and breathe. That is all.

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