Once again, I ask myself if there is any point to updating this blog anymore… after all the time that has passed since I last checked in. It seems everything has changed since then… and yet, some things have not. On the more mundane side of life, I have switched jobs twice (all within about nine weeks). On the side of human connections, I have distanced myself (whether intentionally or not) from some friendships and strengthened others, in addition to meeting several new people that show huge potential for future bonds. All of these changes were more or less a result of the pandemic – or somehow influenced by it, at any rate.

Ahhh… the pandemic. Such a charged topic these days. Should I even touch upon it? Some say it’s as good as over by now. Others say it will never be over. But either way, its effects are profound and impossible to ignore. And, perhaps, one of the reasons I have felt reluctant to revisit this blog was that it seemed I would have to “choose a side” somehow, to declare myself publicly as either a follower of the mainstream discourse around it or otherwise. Which, to someone highly averse to conflict, has not felt “safe” or comfortable to do in these highly divisive times. However, I believe one of the karmic tasks I am here to accomplish is to learn how to be authentic and true to myself at all times, even when – or especially when – it’s not comfortable. Which means I need to let go of the entire concept of “people pleasing” or seeking external approval – in whatever shape or form this concept shows up in my life. And, right now, it’s mostly showing up around the topics connected to the pandemic.

So I might as well say here that my recent changes of employment were largely motivated by the presence of vaccine mandates… and that some of the people in the public sphere I have the highest respect for are currently being vilified by the mainstream establishment as “spreaders of misinformation”. With that out of the way, perhaps I can take a deep breath and focus on what really matters. πŸ˜‰

There is a multilayered transformation going on in the world right now, and my personal life seems to be a reflection of that. I am drawn to explore its various aspects – while at the same time feeling overwhelmed by the immensity of it all, and at a loss for words (which, for me, is rare). So, for today, let me just set the intention to come back here on a more-or-less regular basis, and share whatever presents itself. No more, no less. Not to judge anyone, or defiantly invite being judged – but to try and make sense of things with an open mind (and, perhaps, more importantly, an open heart). Because I still hope it can be done. And so we all need to keep trying. This is my own slice of the multilayered cake, or however you wish to look at it. Thanks for listening. πŸ™‚

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